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"When we meet, and eventually work together, I’m hoping that we will end up like so many other clients that I have.  Staying in touch, taking more pictures, and watching our families grow bigger and happier.  Life is too short to not have great pictures of our journey here!"


- Steve

Sitting / Session Fee

All sessions require a $200 non-refundable security deposit to save the date. This investment gets us started and covers the time for travel to and from locations and time during the shoot. {The sitting/session fee is a part of your chosen session price total}


There are multiple collections to choose from that fit different specific needs for each client so please contact me so we can go over the full Collection List and details. On average clients typically spend between $400.00 - $2,000.00 (this price range includes the collection along with any other additional prints & products chosen by you) Depending on which collection you choose, each comes with a set amount of digital images (beginning with 5 and up to 20) high-resolution edited digital images in color, with an option for black and white and/or “styled” conversions, print release and personal use rights to the edited images (unedited images are not provided) in addition to Fine Art mounted prints, gift prints and albums (depending on the collection you choose).

Leading up to your session...

...We will meet for about 30 minutes so that we can understand what you’re looking for, what your ideas are for the setting, outdoor & indoor, the type of style and personality that you want to show off, and general logistics for your shoot so you can begin preparing for it.  Depending upon the collection that you choose you will want to prepare from 1 to 4 different outfits to use for the session, along with 1-2 alternates, to make sure you get just the look that you want.  Lastly we will make sure that your outdoor session happens on time, and in the right weather for your look.  We don’t want rain or snow unless that’s what you’re going for!

After your session...

...I will go through the images and narrow them down to the BEST 20-30 images (no squinty eyes, no blurry photos, no hair out of place, etc.)  I will then load them up to your online gallery where you will choose the FINAL images you want edited (there will be a 1-3 day time limit for you to do this - after this time the gallery will be closed and I will choose the final images for you) (If you would like MORE than the set amount of images that comes with the shoot – you will find the pricing for those in your package, but no more than 30 images total.)

About three days after your selections are made... choose the images and that’s where the editing begins.  We will begin editing and have a small sneak peek (4-5 photos) for you in your private online gallery that you can share with family and friends so they can see a few images while you wait for them to be finished up!

Two to three weeks later

...we will turnaround the finalized images for you to see!  During that time period any additional sneak peeks will be posted online so you can follow along and share! When the images are finalized I will post them all to your online gallery. You will receive the link to the gallery where you can view them and choose which images that you want download right away.  During this time those images that you choose as prints and gift prints for your package will go to the printer, and I will contact you for a time to personally deliver them to you.


"Yes I get excited while we’re shooting, and if you hear me say “OOH COME HERE” I just saw something that we need to do for a picture!  Don’t be alarmed, I’m not ADHD (I swear!) it just means that I could see something about where we are, and how the light looks that gets me enthused about making a great picture with you.  I’m sure we’ll all laugh about it, which BTW, also makes a great picture too. "


- Steve

How to prepare for your Senior session

Choosing your clothing.

I have many good recommendations in our “What to Wear Guide”, but the best one is this, wear clothes that you are the most comfortable in.  That doesn’t mean loose jeans and a t-shirt, but outfits that you love, a lot.  Also, if you’re bringing multiple outfits make sure that you have worn all of them at least once, and recently.  We want to make sure that they fit just right, and that they’re clean and wrinkle free.  We can talk about your choices, and even review them in advance at home, or even if you would like to send me some photos of the combinations too.



Plan around the best times to take pictures, and this means not during midday!  I’ve had so many people say that they love this time of day, and the bright blue skies too.  This just happens to be when the sun is at its most harsh, which doesn’t make you look good in pictures. It is usually best to shoot a few hours before sunset or right after the sun rises, so you need to decide what is best for you, if you’ll look sleepy or tired, or grumpy we will avoid those times.  We want you to look your best and to feel your best, because this comes across very clearly in your pictures.


Candid shots?  Yes please!

Don’t be afraid of candid photos. While I do some posing during your session, a lot of it will be very natural moments when we’re looking around, standing doing very little, or even interacting between you and your family. These are the types of shots that parents often choose for family pictures to send to relatives and friends, or even for invitations and slide shows.  You’ll find that I will take pictures of nearly anything if it looks good, and you being yourself in a candid moment is one of those.


Preparation, special items, and what to bring.

Pack a little bag of necessities. I recommend bringing some type of little snack that is your favorite (non-messy snacks are the best), and a bottle of cool water too.  If you get hungry (or hangry!) or thirsty that will affect your mood and your look.  Girls remember to bring your makeup for a touch up here and there, even hair spray, because wind happens.  Lint rollers, bobby pins, brush(es), hair scrunches, a hand mirror, and a light jacket or cover up, all because being outside can sometimes be messy.  Guys, hair product for you too please, because if you use it you may need it outdoors too.  That and a comb or brush, lint roller, and even a hand towel and deodorant can come in handy.  Oh, and you probably won’t forget to bring a parent with you!  Your Parent(s) can help carry your extra items and even help with your outfit, hair, and especially if anyone needs a Starbucks while we’re at it.

How to prepare for a family shoot

Choose clothing carefully.

Long gone is the look of a whole family in khaki pants and white polos. I recommend a coordinated look while avoiding looking “matchy matchy.” Think similar, coordinating colors but with the same pop of color here and there. If you would like me to take a look at your outfit choices before the session, you’re welcomed to send me some photos!


Timing is everything.

Plan around nap time. While it is best to shoot a few hours before sunset or right after the sun rises, if you have a little one that will be unhappy at those times, please let me know. We want your children to be at their happiest


Be candid.

Don’t be afraid of candid photos. While I do some posing during your session, a lot of it will be very natural interactive moments between you and your family. If your child is seeming uncooperative and not wanting to look at the camera, continue laughing and playing. Most of my favorite family shots are when everyone is laughing amongst each other.


Be prepared.

Pack a little bag of necessities. I recommend bringing some type of little snack just in case your children need a break (non-messy snacks like goldfish or pretzels are great), a favorite toy and an outfit change just in case! An IPAD with favorite shows or movies loaded in case they need a little breaker to calm down OR to have you hold above and behind me to get your kiddo to focus on the camera!

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