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Meet Steve

I can’t wait to talk to you and meet you to get this party started, and hopefully to become your “go-to” photographer for the years to come.

I have lived in and around Ann Arbor since elementary school, which is when I found my passion for photography.  My Mom’s family is from Ann Arbor, and my Dad’s is from Chicago where I was born.  Being the son of working class parents I learned early on the value of a dollar, so taking pictures when I was younger was a passion, but an expensive one, so I made the most of every opportunity I had.  When I graduated High School and was on the way to college (I am the first for both families to graduate from college) I bought my first camera.  I had worked summer jobs since I was 15, so I had enough money to buy a good camera and a couple of lenses that I had researched for some time.  Now that I had my own camera I could take as many pictures as I wanted, and could afford.  This lead to what has become a lifetime passion to create great images not just for myself, but for anyone that I knew.

As I said I found my love for photography when I was young, 8 years old to be exact, when I took pictures with my parents’ camera.  The feedback that I got was so encouraging that I couldn’t wait to take more, but only on special occasions because of the cost of film and developing, yes this was WAY before digital!  I took this passion with me, and my first film camera to college, where I eventually became a lead photographer for the college newspaper, where I got paid to take pictures!  Following graduation from business school I went right to work and kept my photography passion growing, along with my wife and our two children.  I took pictures of all family gatherings, did family photo shoots, vacation pictures, and took sports pictures of our kids as they grew up.  By now I think I even have more pictures of our adorable little dog than I do of our kids, if that’s possible!

When we meet and talk for the first time I’m sure that you’ll be able to tell the passion that I have for making great photos, which is impossible for me to hide.  I love to talk about what excites you, what your passions are, and just exactly what you are looking for.  After all, if we don’t have a passion for this then why are we doing it?  I want to make sure that you don’t stress out over anything during our process, and I’ll do my best to get you prepared for our shoot, and then for picking out all the pictures that you want.  While I am passionate about this I am also very picky about getting things right.  I will look to make sure your hair is just right, the lighting is just so, and we’re working in an area that will look beautiful and make you look even better.  This is why our second meeting, to choose your wardrobe for the shoot is so important to me, because the end result of all of this, your pictures, need to be just what you want and then some!

Email or call me right away, and make sure to get my “What to Wear Guide” too.

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